tanj (toxic_bitch) wrote in fightstories,

mexican bitch

This was my first, and only fight.

It was back in 8th grade when everyone was a complete idiot and really immature. I, of course, was not. The year before I had just moved to the place and announced that I was bisexual, thinking that I could make friends that way (haha) and that people weren't so immature and close-minded about it. My fault. People are immature and stupid about, and it exploded into a huge thing. Oh well, whatever. Their mistake and mine.

Anyways, I got shit about this all the time. ESPECIALLY from girls which was really stupid. They must have felt inferior or something. I didn't care though. If they were that closed-minded they weren't worth my time. But, then of course, one bitch just had to go to fucking far.

In my gym class there was idiot mexican thing. I don't know what she was, I just know she was a dumbass. There was this other bi girl I was friends with in there and you know, we'd hang out, whatever no big deal. Well, this mexican and I, and the girl were all playing basketball one day in gym. I doubt she knew about the other girl being bi, but this added to my frustration later on. It was bad enough being picked on about being bi, but it was worse when other bi girls worshipped me for being so open. Ew, anyway. So this mexican has always given me shit. I've always let it pass because you know, I'm better then her. But this one fucking day while we were playing basketball, the bi girl (which I don't like by the way) got the ball from me or something and it looked sexual I guess and the FUCKING MEXICAN of course said something. This really pissed me off to the edge. So, I got the ball, and I was suppose to pass it to her. I didn't for a bit and she was all THROW THE BALL C'MON. So, I did. I threw it right in her fucking face, piece of shit.

So we had our little brawl. It was really stupid after that, she was trying to hit me but I kept getting her off me. It was really cat-fightish where we were just throwing our arms everywhere. I didn't get hurt at all, but I know that ball in her face must have. hahahahhhaa BITCH, god I hate her. But yeah, so the teachers got us to stop and we got suspended and all that good shit. Everyone was talking about by the end of the day of course. They all claimed that she won and I took a pitiful fall, but I think that was just the mexican trying to make herself look good. We all know I won.

Yeah, she was trying really hard to look all hard and shit, but it really made her look like a dumbass, to me at least. A week later we had to go the a peer mediator and "talk" about it. She was afraid to look at me the whole time and told the lady she was just going to "stay the fuck away from me." Hahaha. Yeah, and she has. She's afraid to even pass me in the halls.

Sigh, the glory of victory.
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