An instant bad memory (starless00) wrote in fightstories,
An instant bad memory

my first real fight

Back in grade five, lots of kids from the Philippines would give me a lot of shit for having an american accent, and not being able to speak their language. I wouldn't mind it often, but there was this one time that one kid and his punk friend(I bet they listened to the ramones, or the misfits o some gay shit like that) that caught me at a really bad time.

I was on my way home from a terrible day at school, when the aforementioned punks came up to me, giving me the usual accent-related crap. They were giving me the finger and yelling at me, but I just kept on walking. Then suddenly, one of the punks shoved me - and that's when I went berserk.

Punk one punched me in the gut like a fag, and I was barely affected, so I kicked his knee, shoved him over against the wall and spit in his face. He was already crying before I could even gather the phlegm.

Punk two, came up to me with his bag, flailing it like it was full of bricks or something - I maneuvered up behind him and got him into a one armed sleeper hold, and started poking his ass with my other hand. He was sobbing and squirming, and I was laughing until I realized that he wasn't moving anymore. When I realized that he was unconscious, I let go and he fell onto the cement floor, smashing his forehead. There was blood splattered up to as far as 2 meters away from where his forehead made contact with the floor.

Being the ignorant 11 year old I was, I got really worried, thinking i'd killed him. It took him a while to come to.

Punk two tried to get me into some serious shit when he ran off and called the level coordinator. My self defense was justified and they almost got expelled. The next week, nobody gave me shit again. In the matter of fact, the punk with the permanently scarred face tried to apologize and "make friends."

the end
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